How to Avoid Getting Scammed When Buying a TV Antenna for Cord Cutting?

There has been a rise in the number of households who have switched from Pay TV to Free TV over the past 8 to 9 years. While this increase in TV antennas has led to some unique and innovative technology aiming to provide the best alternative for cable and satellite services but at the same time it has also turned out to be an ideal breeding ground for scammers. These scammers are coming up with easy methods for making quick money thus selling cheap quality products to consumers. Hence for all of those consumers who are planning of purchasing a TV antenna, we provide some details on quick and easy methods to avoid such scams.

What is the modern age TV antenna technology?

There has been a drastic change in the signal range for OTA TV. Most of the channels have shifted from VHF to UHF band. Though there are some still on the VHF spectrum. The modern age TV antennas are designed to basically focus on capturing today’s broadcasted TV spectrum along with less interference. Though the older antennas still capture signals but they are not as effective as today’s TV antenna models. Hence you can try out TV antennas from some of the reputed names such as Mohu, Highline TV, Winegard, Antennas Direct and many more.

Stay away from those companies which claim to provide the below:

  • More than 150 miles range: Mostly the earth’s curvature would tend to limit the distance of the Over-The-Air TV reception to around 70miles. This is the case even with the best quality outdoor TV antenna models. However, if you come across any TV antenna manufacturer that claim otherwise then surely it is something to be suspicious about.
  • Allows 4K technology: Most of the over-the-air TV broadcast 720p or 1080p HD quality picture. Thus all of the TV antennas are High Definition enabled. But there are certain TV antennas which claim to also provide 4K or UHD capable channels. Apart from just a handful there are no other channels which distribute 4K or UHD quality channels. Hence you should be aware when purchasing a TV antenna especially when they claim to provide 4K technology.
  • Cable only channels: There are certain TV antennas which make huge claims in their marketing materials. They claim to provide all of the cable only channels including the premium ones. But it is important to note that when the channel is not available through OTA broadcast, then it would not be made available through any special TV antenna. TV antennas only provide channels that are broadcasted through TV stations over-the-air.

Keeping in mind the above pointers, always make a safe purchasing decision. You can also check out or blogs that provide reviews on various TV antennas. Check online reviews and details as well before you purchase a TV antenna. Do not go in for the claims of the manufacturers. Not all of the claims stand true. Carry out a thorough research and only then pick the best TV antenna that suits all of your needs.

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