How to Prepare for Your TV Installation?

Are you planning of getting the TV installation done by yourself or would be calling in experts to get the work done? Whether you plan to call a professional or get the job done by yourself, there is no time to just relax and sit. You still have to carry out lot of preparation work when it comes to installing the TV. When you have everything handy, it would ensure that all the work goes smoothly and there are no untoward tragedies.

Selecting the right TV unit:

Before we talk about TV installation, it is important to ensure that you have booked your TV. Below are certain things that need to be considered when you are planning to purchase a TV.

  • Size: Select the right size of TV unit keeping in mind the space available for placing it and also the distance.
  • Budget: Ensure that the TV you select should fit in your budget.
  • Resolution: Sharper picture can surely provide a great viewing experience but at the same time it can increase the budget as well.
  • Distance of seating: Smaller TV is fine for those who have closer seating arrangement.
  • Additional features: Do you need a smart TV or any additional ports or connections.

Selecting the type of installation setup:

There are various ways in which you can install your TV unit. Below we have mentioned three main setup options that are preferable for your TV installation.

  • Wall Mounted: One of the popular options of setting up a TV is wall mounting the unit. The TV can be mounted on the wall bracket. This is seen as a pleasing approach aesthetically since there is no need for additional furniture in the room. It also provides a clean and neat look.
  • Home Theatre: Take your TV installation setup to another level. Home Theatre provides a completely different audio-video experience. You would need to connect your TV with the surround sound system and enjoy a whole new world of watching your favourite shows.
  • Cabinets: There are some owners who prefer to set their TV unit on the top of a TV cabinet. This is a common trend seen in most of the households. One major benefit is that you can shift around your TV whenever you need and also there is no need to drill holes in the wall. It is advisable to secure the cabinet to the wall for safety purpose.

Prepare to install:

Once you have booked your TV and decided on the installation setup, it is time to prepare for installation.

  • Which room would you be installing the TV. Select the room and the exact location in the room. If you wall-mounting, then how high it should be placed.
  • Keep yourself free on the day when you would be calling the technician for installation.
  • If you getting the work done by yourself then keep all the tools ready before you begin the process. If you calling in a technician, then they mostly get all the tools handy.

It is always advisable to let a professional carry out the work of TV installation since they can get it done perfectly without any glitch.