Is My Antenna Cable Causing Signal Loss?

The perfect HDTV antenna, easy setup, great picture quality and no issues with antenna picking up the signal are all the factors that make for the magical moment to watch programs without any interruption. TV antennas provide you with a wealth of free content. There are no hidden charges or fees. You just pay the cost of purchasing the antenna and watch programs for free lifetime.

But when you have to deal with a low quality picking antenna then it makes you wonder on what can be done to get it resolved. Every part of the connection then comes under the radar. This can turn out to be a problem with any individual using a TV antenna. There are various factors that contribute to the loss of signal including, bad antenna condition, weather conditions, loss connections, etc. Let us find out among all these factors how can a cable lead to loss of signal.

Length of the cable:

Not many are aware that the length of the cable can surely lead to a negative impact on the TV signal capability. The basic rule of thumb over signal loss due to cable length is that a cable that is over 50 foot will surely experience signal loss. A 100-foot cable can lead to significant drop of signal as much as one-third of its original strength. This can majorly turn out to be a problem when you have a roof top antenna and the cable connection runs from one corner of the house to another.

In case if you have a 15 to 20-foot coaxial cable then it is mostly not long enough for introducing any kind of problem. The number of channels that you are receiving on your TV is pretty much the signal that the antenna is actually receiving.

Damaged Cable:

Whenever you have trouble in receiving strong signal then first of all check whether the connections are in place and your cable. In certain cases, the signal loss can occur due to the damaged cable. If that is the case, then replacing the cable would be an easier option. Once you replace it and turn on your TV, you can identify whether the problem is resolved or is still persistent.

Check out for any signs of corrosion, nicks and kinks in the cable. In case if the braided layer present around the cable for shield has been damaged then you may experience a sudden drop in signal strength quality. Check out for also damage caused to the cable by being crushed under any furniture or cabinet. Verify that the coaxial connections at both the end have been properly secured. In case if you identify that the cable has been attached incorrectly then probably that is the source of problem.


Coaxial cables are also susceptible to picking up any digital interferences present in the surrounding. Hence it is important to avoid placing the cable parallel to any other electrical power cords. It can be placed crossing at a perpendicular angle. If the same is not possible then try that the distance between both the cables should be a minimum of six inches.