Should You Upgrade Your Amazon Fire TV for a Better Cord Cutting Experience?

There are a lot of cord cutters who make use of Amazon Fire TV for watching their favourite online content. Amazon Fire Stick, Smart TV and set top boxes come with a decent interface and at varied price range. But if you have been using Amazing Fire TV for a long time then how about considering to go in for an upgrade.

Age of your Amazon Fire TV: The first Amazon Fire TV was launched in the year 2014. The 2nd generation Fire TV box is considered to be the most powerful for cord cutters. However, the other old models have started to show their age. Hence it would best to consider upgrading the Fire TV for a better version and entertainment experience.

Benefits of Upgrades: Over the past few years, the streaming TV has undergone a drastic change in terms of technology and overall product. The manufacturers are now providing its consumers with a faster device at an affordable range and in a smaller space. Some of the devices also have an in-built voice recognition and voice-control technology that makes watching TV even more easier. Let us have a look at some of the key benefits which come along with an upgrade.

  • New age remote control: The remote control provided by the Amazon Fire TV has undergone drastic change. In the earlier versions, the remote was missing the power and volume buttons. But this has been corrected by Amazon. Also it has been a boon for those people who had to juggle with multiple remotes.
  • Increased performance: Better technology means better performance. The 1st generation of Fire TV stick was not successful in the testing process. This meant that it was lacking memory space leading to significant amount of issues. This led the creators of the app to stop supporting the 1st generation of Amazon Fire TV stick. This 1st generation also had slow Wi-Fi connectivity leading to long periods of buffering mostly on the HD quality videos. However, the other generations of Fire TV are much better in terms of performance and also they have a fast app navigation system in place. When you are planning of upgrading then go in for the Fire TV the provides dual band Wi-Fi standard.

When you think about paying an average of $230 annually for the set-top box then surely it would make much better sense to spend around $100 every two to three years in upgrading the streaming devices. For making the cord cutting experience an enjoyable and memorable one, always choose a high-end model of the device along with the latest technology. A high-end model lasts longer and also the device is worth the money that you spend on it. So think no further, if you have an older version of the Amazon Fire TV then this is the correct time to get it upgraded with a better and enhanced technology. You can leave behind the constant buffering and slow internet connectivity for a high-performance model that also provide good memory space.